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Guide to FHA 203(K) Home Renovation Loans

Learn about this unique FHA-insured loan program that enables you to purchase or refinance while allowing for the inclusion of renovation costs. Click here to Get Started.

203K Purchase

The FHA 203K program provides for a single-close loan that enables a qualified borrower to purchase a home that may need repairs for the purpose of remodeling.

203K Streamline

The streamlined FHA 203K program allows the borrower to finance a maximum of $35,000 to make improvements.

203K Refinance

The refinance version of the FHA 203K mortgage allows for the pay off all existing loans against the home, then provides additional funds to be used for home repairs.

Get Started with Your FHA 203(K) Loan

Get financing for your home improvement repairs with an FHA 203K Loan from AnnieMac, a licensed 203(K) mortgage lender.

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This is a great blog post from Vito Simone, a FHA 203k consultant who services the Maryland area.  His contact information is below and his blog